Home Remedies For Boils

Boils are one of the most painful forms of localized infection, they can appear out of nowhere [as a painful red nodule] and are either acute [localized and easy to treat] or chronic [severe and persistent]. Commonly caused by a germ/virus called staphylococcus, it is prone to attacking the hair follicles in the skin and causing a painful pus filled swelling which is very tender and inflamed with the surrounding area being a angry red and very itchy [favorite places – the inner thigh, under the arms, or on the buttocks].
While some boils are not contagious at all there are some cases where cross infection will occur, never share personal items [towels, clothing etc] with a patient who has these infected sores, rather err on the safe side of caution.
Both the acute and chronic forms of these boils must be treated on the onset [to prevent scarring etc] with topical applications and the chronic form needs to seek advice from their doctor as they may need to go onto a stronger form of treatment and medication. Remember boils can be an indication of a severe underlying health problem, sufferers who get these sores on a regular basis need to seek medical help.

Topical Natural Cures and Remedies

1) The all famous garlic and onion – mix the juices of both the garlic and onion in equal parts and apply externally to the area, this will help with getting the boil to come to a ‘head’ and thus evacuate the pus more readily.
2) Milk cream, vinegar and turmeric – 1 teaspoon each of both cream and vinegar, add a pinch of turmeric, mix well and apply externally to the infected area. This will assist in the ‘ripening’ of the boil, which will then release the purulent pus and allow it to heal without the fear of the area getting septic.
3) Cumin seeds – grind these seeds to a powder, make into a paste with a little water and apply to the area, very beneficial and promotes healing.
4) Turmeric root – roast a few of these dry roots, crush into ashes and mix with water, apply to the affected area to assist in ripening, bursting and healing. The powder form of this root will also assist in speeding up the healing process.
5) Parsley – soak in hot water till soft, wrap in soft linen cloth, apply as poultice to the area for pain relief and assistance in the healing process.
There are other remedies out there [betel leaves, margosa leaves and bitter gourd to name but a few] but I think the above info should suffice with the healing of these painful boils. Soaking in a Epsom salts bath at least 3 times a week while trying to heal the boils can be very beneficial, and if the patient is prone to boil outbreaks let them soak once a week thereafter as a preventative measure.
Ensuring that the patient eats a well balanced healthy diet is also very important at this time, as being healthy on the inside assists with all healing problems. If the boil outbreak does not respond to any home treatment please consult with the doctor as the patient may need serious medical treatment [more than what you can offer at home].

Reasons For Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis may have several causative reasons behind it. The understanding of the different reasons behind halitosis in the mouth is important in determining the nature of halitosis and thereby finding out effective solutions to this annoying problem. The various reasons behind the occurrence of halitosis can be easily controlled in order to find the processes of bad breath cure.

Halitosis is mainly caused by the over growth of bacterial population within the mouth. The mouth is a natural home to a host of digestive bacteria that live in a symbiotic relationship within the mouth. It is when the bacterial population crosses the threshold of good health that the problem of halitosis occurs. The problem becomes especially more rampant when the bacterial growth in the mouth go unchecked for months together. The anaerobic bacteria like the H. Pylori release out mild fumes of sulfur from within the mouth and the sulfurous fumes cause the problem of chronic bad breath.

The bacterial thriving inside the mouth is generally caused by leaving the mouth incompletely washed for a considerable interval of time. The leftovers from different kinds of food and the dead cells of the mouth combine together, to generate the nutritional support of the bacterial habitat. The particles of alcohol or nicotine also make matters more worse. So, try avoiding sweetened beverages like these to get rid of the foul smell that is coming from within the mouth. Instead, you can rely more on unsweetened and alkaline beverages like lemon syrup, brine or green tea to take care of halitosis. The active antioxidant ingredients present in green tea also further help in getting rid of the odor causing germs from within the mouth.

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The Best Memory Improvement Tips

You need to look after your memory so that your memory can take care of the rest of your body. This sounds like kind of an odd statement, but it is true. The brain remembers a lot of stuff that we take for granted, but if your brain did not remember when and how to breathe, you would be in big trouble.

The fact is that our brains are amazing and remember so many things even when we don’t think about them. People who speak many different languages have the best memories of all as they are always playing word association games without knowing that they are doing so. The brain will remember one word in one language but will immediately get ready to retrieve the same word in another language. That is why some people who speak many different languages will be able to pick up the basics of a new language quickly.

The average person is much less fortunate, and may even struggle to remember some everyday things. However, don’t worry because there are many memory improvement tips that you can follow.

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Who Should Take Probiotics?

Fat Free Actimel by DanoneWho should take probiotics containing essential cultures?  Probiotics can at the best of times be a bit of a minefield. Even when we go down to our local supermarket, we are faced with counters of drinks and products claiming to have the right essential cultures. Should we add these products to our shopping baskets, or should we buy a product which has proven qualities? The truth is that we should always aim to buy a product which has the right essential cultures, and strains that are useful to us. If, you read the labels closely, you will find that most products of them have only two or three cultures. Some products may even just have one culture.

Products with less than ten cultures may not be effective at all. According to essential cultures reviews, a good quality product such as Leaf origin, will have more cultures than other brands. Essential cultures probiotics are about so much more than just one culture. Leaf Origin has 15 essential cultures. more than many other product on the market. Read a Leaf Origin review, and you will find out a lot more about this exciting product.

Who should take probiotics?

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The Best Dietary Supplements for the Aging Brain

We all know that brain aging can have a detrimental effect on our overall health. However, the goods news is that we can fight off the effects of aging by adding the necessary dietary supplements to our daily health routine.

It is a fact that the brain changes with age, and we need to be prepared to accept the fact that we are responsible for our own brain health and can take steps to slow aging down.

The human brain is a complicated and sophisticated piece of equipment, and there is more than one way to support the aging brain. First of all, it is important to recognize factors which are associated with the aging brain, and secondly, we need to know how we can help to improve brain health.

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The Upside to Lyme Disease

lyme disease
Lyme Disease  is a crippling, horrific disease. Lyme Disease has various symptoms. It loves a weak immunity. It is caused by the bite of a tick  and is a bacterial infection spread by the infected tick. Its prevalence across Europe and North America is on the increase and it can be both a dangerous disease and very difficult to treat or indeed diagnose in the first place as the symptoms demonstrated can be very different from person to person. This bacterial disease is now classified by the WHO an an infectious or parasitic disease.

Since diagnosis of the disease is very hard, emphasis needs to be laid on prevention. Although, the disease isn’t contagious, it’s very dangerous. If diagnosed in the early phases, this disease could be treated effectively.

You might be experiencing Lyme disease or something different that’s equally severe. The perfect way to prevent Lyme disease is prevention. The variable indications of Lyme disease are typically nonspecific. Likewise, the indications and symptoms of the disease could also be temporary or permanent.

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